Tuesday, March 31, 2009

LittleOwl Shop On Line....Soon

Finally we can start selling on-line. We have had so many inquiries and here it is... in it's early stages. It's great and most importantly, it's easy, especially for me. It means that we can have our blog as well as the on-line store, together, on the one page. We will need a few more days to get everything up and running, but here's a sneaky look. It's safe and is backed by pay-pal. Stay tuned. I am sooo excited. This really gives us the chance to promote the shop and many of the local designers that we stock......... yippie!!!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Minti Winter Has Arrived

Zip Owl hoodie $74.95 Owl Long Sleeve Tee $39.95
This winter they have included nice thick jumpsuits with hand drawn illustrations.
Owl hooded Jumpsuits $74.95 These also come in Birdie , Balloon Dog and Horse
Charm Long Sleeve Tee $39.95
Horse Long Sleeve Tee $39.95
Birdie Hoodie $74.95
Cats mitten Hoodie $72.00 These are SO cute ... The pockets are in the shape of mittens !!

Baby Owl Long Sleeve Tee $39.95

Baby Diamond Long Sleeve Tee $39.95

Balloon Dog Long Sleeve Onesie $52.00

The Cats Tee $34.95