Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ivy Designs

Ivy Designs winter delivery will be in store this Tuesday.  Here's a peak of just one of the styles we're receiving.  These gorgeous little corduroy pinafore dress' have handcrafted love birds siting on a branch.  We will be recieving them in both colours.  
They remind me when I was little
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Run Scotty Run

We have received our winter delivery from Run Scotty Run
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Delingos For Easter

Lapinos Bunny has left Melbourne for Littleowl Shop. We thought Lapinos bunny would make a cool Easter gift. Something a little different, but no substitute for chocolate.
Also arriving is Pikos Hedgehog.....our No1 seller.
And Chikos the Chicken
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Easter Trading Hours

Closed Easter Friday. Closed Easter Sunday. Closed Easter Monday. We will be opened on Saturday. FYI. Unit Concepts, I trip I skip, Pocket Monster and Bourgeois Pig will be opened. The Hive will be closed over the four days of Easter. Happy Easter. Make sure you eat heaps of chocolate.... yummy!!!! ( I am doing weight watchers)

Monday, April 6, 2009


We have received a big shipment of forwalls decals.  There are some new styles.  We spoke to Nat that designs forwalls and told her that we felt it might be a good idea to design a more boyish  "add on" decal for the tree.  We found that some people really liked the tree but were unsure of the sex of the baby, or thought that the tree was maybe a little too girly. So she came up with another sheet of decals that has more blues and greens.  It looks great and works in really well with the tree.
There are also pink cup cakes, pink bird house and jungle friends.  These are all part of the new designs
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just In Time for Winter

Our first delivery of knitting needles from Artviva has arrived. We have knitting needles in many different colours and sizes as well as knitting kits. The knitting kits include a ball of wool, an original Artviva knitting pattern....either a tea cosy or beanie and a pair of funky knitting needle.
I have been collecting tea cosy's for about two years now and will be attempting to make my own. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!